Amazon A to Z guarantee returned item scam

Found this little bit of info from a while ago. Part of Amazons terms which basically gives you a free ride to scam whatever you want from Amazon marketplace sellers but not from Amazon in house sales. Basically you can get a refund weather you return the item or not. Think about that…

amazon guarantee marketplace scam
Checkout everything and never pay ever. A to Z guarantee!

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MakeUp Exchange – Swap shop for cosmetics peer 2 peer (eBay alternative)

Interesting idea, swap cosmetics and make up with other people who may have been given or got the wrong items. eBays rules on selling of cosmetics are quite flimsy and even if you comply you can just about guarantee there’s a VERO warning coming your way from some multi-national raving about trademark issues anyhow…

The places tag line :

“Received an eyeshadow palette that’s totally not your color? Accidentally bought foundation one shade too dark? Got a drawer full of makeup you will never use? Try your luck here before tossing it away!”

swap meet for cosmetics and make up

Selling knifes online (eBay banned knifes so a alternative)

As far as I know eBay banned the selling of certain knifes sometime ago on some of there sites the full reason why I do not know. Today I found this peer to peer (person to person?) market place for people selling knifes, I assume if there legal in your country you can carry on without having eBay interfere. Not sure how PayPal view the selling of knifes again I assume if its legal where you are then its ok, but how PayPal see it is another matter altogether…


reddit knife market