Why are items that area 2nd hand more expensive on eBay than new?

I’m sure other people have ran into this strange problem and its not just me, I have noticed over time that most 2nd hand/used items on eBay tend to be selling for more than if I just went out and purchased them new (or Amazon or where ever). Why is this? surely that makes no sense, the idea of eBay is to save money but I guess with all the madness it creates this is just another symptom, I’m going to call it “eBay syndrome” where people think just because its on eBay its the best deal in the world. Many times in the past I have purchased items somewhere else then eBay even if they was £2/3/4/5 more just because you never quite know whats going to happen with eBay since they place themselves above any and all rules/regulations/laws.

What are your experiences with this?

eBay syndrome (capitalism+stupidity) ebay price guide search tool history
eBay syndrome (capitalism+stupidity)