Multiple accounts used to strike back at other eBay users

I have seen this a few times now, its quite interesting as eBay seems/or can’t be bothered to do anything about it. In this situation a buyer buys some DVD’s they don’t match the description there basically scrap but anyhow the situation gets to a point where the buyer leaves the seller a negative feedback, fast forward a bit and the buyer is now selling some DVD’s and the buyer is in the same area as the seller who sold him the bad DVD’s and leaves negative feedback seemingly unrelated to the DVD’s, coincidence? (the seller swears they was working)

ebay dvd item switch scam fraud negative not as described
Thanks to eBay DVDs are FreeViewing!

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eBay and the none paying bidder epidemic

In recent times the menace that is the none paying bidder on eBay has reached epidemic levels and continues to rise, the buyer has so much power with eBay they just don’t give a crap basically, since eBay removed the ability for sellers to leave negative feedback the problem got worse, here are some bits and pieces I found about this from sellers. Mostly from eBay’s own forums!

none paying bidders ebay auction paypal scam negative feedback seller protection worthless
Everythings on eBay!

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Shipping gone wrong or saving the planet?

Found this, a item was shipped in a recycled food box it seems, I can only imagine the grief the seller got for doing this, as on eBay your meant to ship all your items in armored boxes with free gold plating and have them hand delivered before a buyer has even bought it if the way buyers go on is anything to go by. I once shipped a t shirt in a unused burger box (I was buying rejected packing material in bulk) which I turned inside out and all hell broke lose so.

Captain Planet or Negative feedback you decide.
ebay recycling box shipping problem

2 stories highlighting well known problems with eBays feedback system

Had these 2 links sent in which have very detailed articles on various issues with eBay’s feedback system, they have been published on eBay UK in the “buying guides” that thing where people write about things (items mostly) to help other people with similar interests. Amazingly there still up, which is odd because eBay seems to have eyes everywhere, nothing bad can be said about the master after all. Defiantly worth a read.

ebay positive feedback sale abuse scam
Makes sense as usual with eBay…

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EBAY MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – A MUST read. (eBay user horror story) – EBAY MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – 1 mans story that I can bet you have had at least 2/3 or even maybe more of the same issues as him, it is a must read, loads of detail of the problems a honest, normal hard working person had to battle through with crazy eBay buyers and staff, I don’t know how anyone could possible keep there sanity through all of it. Sadly his story is VERY common and getting more common as every week passes. Seriously read this before it happens to you, its not “if” its “when”


ebay scam, fraud, seller help
the greatest scam of all on eBay IS eBay!!!

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