PayPal bot bought items on eBay then demanded to use PayPal to pay

Came across this pretty far out idea that PayPal at one point in there painful history decided to create demand for there service by unleashing a series of bots on eBay to go and buy up items and demand the seller accepted you guessed it PayPal as the payment method. Now this might sound a little crazy, but lets be honest here has PayPal ever played by the normal rules? I would guess this was way back before eBay bought up PayPal, prob in the BidPay era which was the preferred processor on eBay at one point. I will try and find more on this.

paypal account bot hack
Get a job at PayPal! You can steal all you want then.

Sources :

The PayPal wars book this is in (Amazon link)

None paying bidders, the rant we see often

The usual tale here, bidder buys something, then won’t pay. The seller is a little angry and to be fair that’s ok, so he types up his experience which we have all had multiple times per week some of us, the none-paying bidder is the bidder of 2013, you can’t expect buyers on eBay to give a crap when eBay has them backed as they do, its just the way it is now it seems so get used to it I guess, eBay won’t help they don’t give a toss. I do recall eBay actually blaming me for a high number of none paying bidders buying my items… now how can that possible be my fault?

ebay none paying bidder disputes
eBay, the way it is.

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