A few relevant Wiki articles (Winners curse, Buyers remorse, Friendly fraud (chargeback)

Stumbled across a few strangely relevant Wikipedia articles that could well be applied to eBay, PayPal. First up “Winners curse” which explains what some might say is auction fever with a negative end overpaying for something just to get it, second up is “Buyers remorse”¬†which is actually covered in various eBay/PayPal protection programs (or so they say) it does have a section but is not really enforced and finally “Friendly/Chargeback fraud” which is just way too common with PayPal and people scamming away for free stuff and then PayPal slam you with the bill (so much for seller protection…)

ebay customer service terrible
At least you can see her…

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eBay and the none paying bidder epidemic

In recent times the menace that is the none paying bidder on eBay has reached epidemic levels and continues to rise, the buyer has so much power with eBay they just don’t give a crap basically, since eBay removed the ability for sellers to leave negative feedback the problem got worse, here are some bits and pieces I found about this from sellers. Mostly from eBay’s own forums!

none paying bidders ebay auction paypal scam negative feedback seller protection worthless
Everythings on eBay!

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General comments from eBay users

Another few comments from various places from various users of eBay that once again don’t paint the wonderful picture eBay would like us to see. The usual suspects none paying bidders, masses of Chinese wholesale crap and general poor service.

ebay broken none paying bidders scammers paypal chargeback
There’s a old saying about a broken looking glass… I can’t remember it right now though :p


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Example of eBay buyer behavior (Shipping costs)

Here is a quick example of the current state of mind of eBay buyers. Now take into account they know the cost of shipping BEFORE they bid on a item surely they have no grounds to moan after. There are some eBay rules about leaving negatives about shipping costs they don’t agree with AFTER they actually buy something, but eBay do not enforce them at all (whats new). This ones good because its a outright threat.

ebay buyer threatens bad negative feedback over shipping costs
Lets see eBay do nothing about this.

The rule : (pages.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/feedback-extortion.html)

“Buyer feels the postage & packaging (P&P) costs are too high and says they will leave negative Feedback or low DSRs unless the seller lowers the P&P costs.”

None paying bidders, the rant we see often

The usual tale here, bidder buys something, then won’t pay. The seller is a little angry and to be fair that’s ok, so he types up his experience which we have all had multiple times per week some of us, the none-paying bidder is the bidder of 2013, you can’t expect buyers on eBay to give a crap when eBay has them backed as they do, its just the way it is now it seems so get used to it I guess, eBay won’t help they don’t give a toss. I do recall eBay actually blaming me for a high number of none paying bidders buying my items… now how can that possible be my fault?

ebay none paying bidder disputes
eBay, the way it is.

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