transferGo International money transfer service (PayPal alternative)

transferGo – Is another one of those international money transfer services, claims to be cheap compared to the rest has some nice little charts and things, are UK based (gives a London address) has there FSA numbers and HMRC numbers all listed which is nice for a change. There main claim to fame is there speed, guaranteeing next day completion. Have a look if you need it.

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WorldRemit (PayPal alternative)

Stumbled across another money transfer service, could be a option if you can’t use PayPal.‘s website seems to have a date of 2012 and they claim to service over 100 countries, and seem to have won a award called “Best Money transfer company for Europe 2012” which would be quite a feat considering how many 100’s of services there are all across the EU. They are registered with the FSA (see here) and actually give a full London business address so that’s a big plus.
Site :
FSA : – Bitcoin market for UK users – Bitcoin market for UK users, not alot I can say about bitcoins really, sure you can use them as a alternative to PayPal and other traditional payment methods which would be awesome for sellers no more stupid chargebacks and negative balances, but at this present time even with things getting easier theirs just not alot of people who do normal shopping with them, anyhow take a look if your into that kind of thing. – Find new homes for things your done with (eBay alternative) – Was made aware of this site this morning via a message. It’s a eBay alternative which is working in London at the moment but will be expanding world wide soon. A different approach to payments is the use of a points system in place of money so no more payment processor issues (PayPal begone!). I am not sure how the points thing works exactly but its a start. The site basically bills itself as a clear out your house kind of thing, just normal people trading things like how eBay started out before it got ruined anyway take a look.

Lucky Money – Cash, wire, bank transfers to the Philippines or Mexico (PayPal alternative)

Lucky Money (US or UK) – Is a payment transfer site for people wanting to transfer/send money to the Philippines or Mexico (US site only?). They have been around since 1991 and have many offices in the US and 1 I found in the UK. They only seem to transfer money to 2 places though from anywhere else. They accept credit cards and bank transfer. They have a door to door delivery service which claims to get your money to the other side in less than 6hrs. Might be worth a look if you’re in need of there very specialised services.

bank transfer to mexico or the phillipines

UK site =

US site = – swap giftcards for cash (eBay/PayPal alternative) – Is a site which deals in the buying, selling & trading of unwanted giftcards for cash. You can either mail them you card for a payment (cant find much info on how) or go into one of their partner stores selectable by state (there US based) for instant cash payouts. Theres no info on the rates per card/$ value I think you would have to phone them to check first. Worth a look though if you’re just wanting cash and in a hurry.

trade giftcards for cash bestbuy, itunes, amazon, ebay, walmart, gamestop