PayPal user horror story : “We froze your account but you can have a loan!”

Found this rather confusing post today, a company had $20,000 ish in their PayPal account it was their primary payment processor (mistake 1), PayPal at some point decides its a awesome idea to freeze the account with $20K in it, after the company had only had the account a month. After a few months the company starts getting offers/adverts/communications for a so called PayPal “working capital loan” a type of business loan you pay back via your transactions. Now how can PayPal mark your account as a risk and freeze your funds yet say your account is good enough for a loan????


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eBay scammer, steals ID of the the agent investigating him?

Came across this quite complex eBay scammer. A eBay scam that started off as a plan to defraud eBay’s insurance programs (buyer protection/seller protection) through the use of various accounts the article lists around 40-50, he would provide fake documents/info from either side to get refunds. Now here is where it gets interesting the scammer was able to obtain the ID of the US postal inspector investigating him, he then used to that to obtain access to a site for law enforcement officers and was partly successful in some attempts, then used info he found in there to open more eBay accounts.

ebay id fraud scammer USA FBI

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PayPal “”lose”” $2500 somehow…

Strange story this, a user tries to transfer money to his PayPal account… it never makes it there. He used PayPals bank to bank transfer system to load the funds into his PayPal account. Although the transfer was accepted it seems the problem was not adding the account to PayPal first, yet it happily accepted the transfer? No neither the bank or PayPal know where the money has gone…


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Collection of comments from eBay users. There thoughts on eBay/PayPal

Here is another random collection of comments gathered up from a UK Daily Mail article on the wonder that is eBay and how it is making people millions from there spare rooms… I really did genuinely struggle to find anyone actually praising eBay in the comments at all, it was like there was no positive comments, I went thru pages looking the ranking system was no help all the highest ranked comments were anti-eBay, so what does that tell you?

Link to the story :



All the hard work you do you basically working for Ebay hardly making profit & still pay Ebay Fees.

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Why not to leave your card details linked to a debt in PayPal

Heres a example showing why you should not leave PayPal with any valid bank details if you have a issue with them. In this example the problem is basically the user had a $4 subscription with PayPal for some online service or other, but the user had a list of disputes on going and when was all said and done owed PayPal $1,120 which they could not get at until they went to debit the $4 sub… you can see what happens next PayPal not only take that $4 but the whole $1,120 on the back of it. So beware.




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Stupid eBay or stupid users?

Stumbled upon a blog post by someone upset with eBay so we are going to mirror it and link it, its quite interesting in that its calling you stupid if you still sell on eBay, depends on how you look at that. It covers some of the more hidden parts of the eBay user agreement and how they have basically been twisted to benefit eBay and screw you at whatever cost. From what I can make out the post is from September 2013, I assume these parts are still in the agreement or reworded because these things still go on and are still complained about today.

Link :

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Collection of comments from eBay users. There thoughts on eBay/PayPal

A small collection of thoughts on eBay/PayPal that have been recently gathered up from various threads some from eBay’s own forums, which don’t stay on there too long as you can guess. Again the same old stories crazy fees and buyers lies along with no support from eBay.

ebay sales numbers falling sellers leaving
Clueless as usual

Back in the day eBay was awesome. Now it’s just a front for actual stores/small businesses. The normal person can’t use it for what it was originally intended. Plus, they nickel & dime you to death.
They can go fuck themselves.

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Random search terms for today

Looking thru the stats and noticed some odd search terms so thought I would put them up here.

  • chinese ebay alternative
  • nokia+brick+phone
  • Amazon Local Daily Offer
  • anyone opened paypal dispute pram

A Chinese eBay alternative with all the Chinese crap on every eBay site you would think they would not need to go no where else. Sites traffic shows a steady increase yet again, with a short spike for yesterday, theirs always a spike when a major eBay issue or change comes along.

Collection of comments from PayPal users. There thoughts on PayPal

A collection of random comments from PayPal showing there own users thoughts on PayPal. One of the most common themes is that people only use PayPal because they have no choice, that’s not a very good way of cementing customer loyalty, there only using you but they hate you, the minute a alternative comes along your users will run.



It doesn’t matter one bit if you could prove you were wronged in court; they have their own self-made laws and live in their own little reality.

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PayPal user horror story with a twist (1 of there own exec’s)

Randomly strolling through a newspaper and found this¬†‘No excuses, zero tolerance’: PayPal exec FIRED after bizarre late-night Twitter rant against colleagues he had known for less than two months¬†.¬†Rakesh ‘Rocky’ Agrawal only worked at PayPal for 2 months, for some reason decided to go on Twitter rant about the company and people who worked there. He was the strategy manager and from what I can see not a good one at that, with this latest tactical move…

paypal user horror story exec drunken twitter rant fired
Zero tolerance when it affects them, for everyone else well..


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PayPal user horror story (part of anyway)

Came across a story this morning where a guy lost the $50K Twitter account “@N” a one letter user name account. I know it involves Twitter, GoDaddy mainly but the attacker who stole the account was able to get PayPal employees to just randomly hand him bits of info (credit cards, account passes) over the phone, pretending to be a PayPal employee at one point (to another PayPal employee you would think they had a check for that), so I thought it was relevant to post it up as it shows PayPal’s total stupidity also eventually the attacker explains how he was able to abuse PayPal to obtain the info he needed to get thru to GoDaddy and carry on his antics.

paypal phish card fraud visa mastercard credit card bank details theft
Phone PayPal get someones ID easier than you think.!tLyIX

Update :!tZSTQ

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Article from DailyMail about eBay/PayPal (mostly it seems)

Article from the DailyMail (30/11/13) about a woman who got scammed for a pram on eBay. From what I can tell she completed the sale outside of eBay and paid via bank transfer (bad idea), but the articles comments are the real gold, generally pissed off eBay/PayPal and now even Gumtree users appearing and telling there stories. I will mirror some of the comments in case they get taken off.

Paypal, ebay, scam, credit card fraud, bank transfer
Stock photo of woman getting scammed apparently.

Link :

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Web designer screwed by PayPal “Friendly Fraud” AKA Chargeback

Digital goods and PayPal just don’t go, we know that, but what about services? seems there not protected either if this is anything to go by. Here we have a story of a web designer who did everything right and everything went wrong, even when PayPal was presented with the huge string of back and forth emails between the 2 parties which made note the client was happy and then the email which was basically saying i’m going to scam you ha! PayPal even tried to weasel there way out over definitions of wording, you try that with them and see how they react very 1 sided. In the end PayPal decided to not chase the designer for the money but he still loses the money.


paypal alternative chargeback scam fraud
None relevant image but still full of hatred.

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PayPal bot bought items on eBay then demanded to use PayPal to pay

Came across this pretty far out idea that PayPal at one point in there painful history decided to create demand for there service by unleashing a series of bots on eBay to go and buy up items and demand the seller accepted you guessed it PayPal as the payment method. Now this might sound a little crazy, but lets be honest here has PayPal ever played by the normal rules? I would guess this was way back before eBay bought up PayPal, prob in the BidPay era which was the preferred processor on eBay at one point. I will try and find more on this.

paypal account bot hack
Get a job at PayPal! You can steal all you want then.

Sources :

The PayPal wars book this is in (Amazon link)

A few relevant Wiki articles (Winners curse, Buyers remorse, Friendly fraud (chargeback)

Stumbled across a few strangely relevant Wikipedia articles that could well be applied to eBay, PayPal. First up “Winners curse” which explains what some might say is auction fever with a negative end overpaying for something just to get it, second up is “Buyers remorse”¬†which is actually covered in various eBay/PayPal protection programs (or so they say) it does have a section but is not really enforced and finally “Friendly/Chargeback fraud” which is just way too common with PayPal and people scamming away for free stuff and then PayPal slam you with the bill (so much for seller protection…)

ebay customer service terrible
At least you can see her…

Links :


PayPal Vs PayPal in PayPal dispute over PayPal hold on PayPals own funds

Yes as the title says, here is a really odd PayPal dispute/chargeback/robbed seller story. Basically in some countries PayPal have a temporary credit facility called “Pay me later” 30/90 day credit I think it is anyhow… someone bought a sellers laptop paid for it using this PayPal issued credit (using a fake ID of course), when the real person disputed it PayPal reversed the funds from… PayPal! now PayPal vowed to work with the buyers credit card company to get it sorted who are…. PayPal in this case! now PayPal also decided to issue the seller a chargeback fee from PayPal for PayPal! getting good this. Go read up and get confused.

paypal credit card fake id scam laptop apple
PayPal Vs PayPal in PayPal dispute, defiantly not your Pal but you will Pay!

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eBay and the none paying bidder epidemic

In recent times the menace that is the none paying bidder on eBay has reached epidemic levels and continues to rise, the buyer has so much power with eBay they just don’t give a crap basically, since eBay removed the ability for sellers to leave negative feedback the problem got worse, here are some bits and pieces I found about this from sellers. Mostly from eBay’s own forums!

none paying bidders ebay auction paypal scam negative feedback seller protection worthless
Everythings on eBay!

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General comments from eBay users

Another few comments from various places from various users of eBay that once again don’t paint the wonderful picture eBay would like us to see. The usual suspects none paying bidders, masses of Chinese wholesale crap and general poor service.

ebay broken none paying bidders scammers paypal chargeback
There’s a old saying about a broken looking glass… I can’t remember it right now though :p


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PayPal iPhone scam gone very wrong

Here’s a slightly confusing bit of scamming involving every scammers seemingly favorite brand Apple and one of there favorite items the iPhone. In this case a woman was selling her iPhone (don’t say how or where) and she got a mail from PayPal (which was fake) telling her it had been sold and paid for, somewhere in all this she contacted (?) PayPal and was told that the 1st so called PayPal mail was a fake, anyhow she decided to ship out a box of condoms instead. Updated corrected story below

apple iphone ebay paypal scam
Somewhere, someone has used these as a phone cover.

Link :

Here was the deal -> I received and email saying I received a payment so I processed the parcel to be sent. Went to the post office and they said there is a new law and she had to check if any courier would send a phone as far as it needed to go. The courier said he recognised the area it was going to and that this week alone there has been a staggering amount of scams from uk to other countries on phones so I phoned paypal and she said they have never contacted me and I have never received money into my account before as this was my first time using it for this purpose. She also detailed to me what an email should say and the one I received was so close apart from one detail I noticed straight away. If it hadn’t been for the girl explaining the new law and what an email contains id be ¬£400 down

Virtual items/currency & PayPal (Diablo game)

Came across this one, not sure what to say on it. Someone was selling there in game items for real money cash (i’m sure this goes on all day long), all was going well until the next day when they got a email from PayPal account “unauthorized account activity” and the money reversed (charge back?) with PayPal chasing the seller (as usual). Now i’m not even sure if digital items are allowed to be sold and payments put thru PayPal I know eBay no longer allow it and there must be a physical item to go with it at least. This would seem to be a excellent scam to gather up free game items or even worse virtual currency’s which the scammer could then sell/use for whatever.


digital items virtual currencys bitcoin litecoins paypal ebay
One day all keyboards will have this.

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Yes/No/Maybe – The PayPal wording of legalese

Strange case this one, buyer buys a laptop it does not appear, tracking numbers (this is the interesting bit) say it does, buyer wins case anyhow… around a month later the case is reopened this time siding with the seller based on the tracking info. PayPal state they “may” take the money back regardless. Now the amount of times I have heard there is no way a case can be reopened and here one is reopened… shows nothing is quite as simple as it seems with PayPal also the choice of wording was a bit bad “may” you can never get a straight yes or no with them. Also it seems they only bothered to check the shipping info once (or did they?) as it did not work the 1st time hence the buyer winning, it would be all to easy to mistype a URL or a number.

paypal chargeback scam laptop theft stolen item tracking not as described appeal case
Typical PayPal user?

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Was sent this in, another eBay/PayPal & Amazon account sales site, if you need a account and for some reason can’t cut through the red tape for what ever reason, or you have been banned for something so silly just because “they say so” and can’t get through there customer service. Then here’s a site for you. They do have a free guide book called “eBay ingonito mini” for download. The prices seem inline with the other account sale type sites. The fact there’s lots of these services popping up I would figure there’s a deeper issue somewhere with the current state of eBay.

Link :

Post on Reddit “What company has forever lost your business?”

Quite randomly decided to have a look into THIS THREAD and what do I see, who got the top spot as of (11PM anyhow) but our dear friends at PayPal :p


Thought it was worth typing up anyhow, was not really expecting to see that, but I think something in me just knew eBay or PayPal was going to appear in that list somewhere, but number 1. Let’s mirror a few of the nicer comments for future generations to gaze in wonder at.

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eBay buyer demands refund with a gun, old but still… (2005)

Stumbled across this old post from 2005 about a buyer who purchased some glasses on eBay was not happy so went round the sellers house with a gun (although it was in the car). The story’s quite old 2005 and I can’t find anymore on it, but the comments from other eBay users even in 2005 (there are some comments going up to 2013) don’t look too good, seems not alot changed then it just got worse.

Not as described, hand too big.

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Buyer claims to have had a empty box delivered? (eBay horror story)

Really? this is the best they could think of? I thought the days of the empty box back and forth scam were well and truly over with the scammer’s moving onto much more elaborate scams thanks to eBay’s every evolving scam loving rules. Don’t know how you could work your way out of this one, however this seller has photos of whats in the box (apparently).

ebay empty box dispute scam not as described
eBay buyers and staff live like this.

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PayPal trying to force there MasterCard on sellers?

Interesting article here, a seller was basically forced to take the out the PayPal/eBay master card, when he never he was marked risk to the eBay community (note his 100% 12yr old feedback score) and his account was limited, the thing is he had no auctions going on that week and as usual eBay would not back down. I know that the PayPal branded card has had 2 launches in the past with it disappearing for a while then coming back rebranded so I have no idea what happened, from what I understand its a prepaid debit linked right into your PayPal account (more fees), I know in the US there is a eBay credit card also, the situation gets confusing with all the cross branding and bullsh*t.

ebay mastercard prepaid visa debit credit card paypal
Recipe for disaster.

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2 short eBay horror stories

2 small experiences of eBay from 2 sellers. One of them lost his store, again to the DSR problems relating to dispatch time (we all know how that really works) and the other about a buyer who refused to send back a “apparent” broken item.

ebay buyer scam low dsr feedback abuse
Rob the sign why not, like everything else.

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Seller actually wins a chargeback dispute (eBay/PayPal user horror story)

Short story about a seller who sells his item, only to have a chargeback done against him by the buyer outside of PayPal/eBay (Visa code 53?) for item not as described, which according to PayPal is not covered under their seller protection. The buyer was able to get the funds reversed apparently on the basis that the seller refused to send a replacement item before they returned the “defective?” item. However in the end the seller actually managed to win the dispute and got his money back from PayPal shows it can be done.



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PayPal denies teenager reward for finding website bug

PayPal link many other huge corporations with internet operations has a “bug bounty program” where they will pay researchers for finding bugs, glitches, exploits in there stuff. In this case a 17 yr old kid from Germany by the name of Robert Kugler finds a vulnerability in 1 of PayPal’s site… guess what PayPal won’t pay him citing some terms which are not actually part of the bug bounty terms (typical PayPal behaviour then) there picking on the kids age, they say he needs a verified PayPal account, he can’t have one because he’s not 18, so he asked for the reward to be paid into his parents account but PayPal won’t because “technically” the parents did not find the bug, the kid also asked for a letter so he can use it on job apps they have not come forward with that yet either. So next time he finds something I wonder where he’s going to be sending that information…

paypal hack exploit crack zero day vulnerability

Oddly I trust this guy more than PayPal

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Paypal user horror story (20/04/13)

I don’t quite understand what is going on with this users story its quite complex as most things¬†involving PayPal, I am sure confusing a user is part of there game. Anyway this user sells software products online and due to his¬†country’s¬†banking laws (India) he must be paid out every day since its¬†illegal¬†to keep a balance in PayPal (a good idea!) except that for some bizarre reason PayPal run the funds thru a series of US$ to INR (and back?) which results in a very poor payout rate (but good for PayPal) for the user and even more issues. Story mirrored below.

bc271e95ac43c4d164ab4883b7df1aa3¬† Continue reading »

A shockingly well made PayPal scam email

Just came across this, not what we usually cover but I thought it was worth posting because as far as scam PayPal phishing mails go this one has actually had some effort put in and looks pretty well made. Usually you just get some text, maybe a logo (in the wrong place or badly made) and sometimes some kind of text file or html form to fill in¬†that’s¬†been attached wrong and quite often in the wrong format…

example of paypal scam mail phishing

Click for the bigger picture 

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eBay/Paypal user horror story (30/04/13)

Stumble across a thread detailing 1¬†eBay’s¬†issue with a iPod, what sticks out about this thread is that every response is basically “if they want a refund there getting it”¬†showing¬†a total lack of¬†confidence¬†in the PayPal dispute process. From what I can make out the buyer knew about the items condition before buying it and is just using it as a excuse now.


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