Collection of comments from PayPal users. There thoughts on PayPal

A collection of random comments from PayPal showing there own users thoughts on PayPal. One of the most common themes is that people only use PayPal because they have no choice, that’s not a very good way of cementing customer loyalty, there only using you but they hate you, the minute a alternative comes along your users will run.



It doesn’t matter one bit if you could prove you were wronged in court; they have their own self-made laws and live in their own little reality.

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General comments from eBay users

Another few comments from various places from various users of eBay that once again don’t paint the wonderful picture eBay would like us to see. The usual suspects none paying bidders, masses of Chinese wholesale crap and general poor service.

ebay broken none paying bidders scammers paypal chargeback
There’s a old saying about a broken looking glass… I can’t remember it right now though :p


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Another unhappy eBay user (raises some very good points)

Stumbled across this while Googling for our site, just looking about seeing whats happening in the great world of Google, anyhow found this “Why eBay should disappear tomorrow” lists a few good reasons that we shall mirror here, I found them because they credited a image from here so we are going to use their image which they got from here, which we prob got from somewhere else in some kind of sick imagecepetion joke :p

ebay problems complaints user horror story
eCeption! I know lame eh?

Link :

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Ongoing study “eBay user feedback abusive users”

A little on going study which I will soon be publishing the results of, recently I noticed something a little odd 80%-90% of the time when a seller gets a negative feedback I found it to be left by a relatively new eBay users. Looking into this a bit more I found that the majority of accounts who were leaving bad feedback were registered in 2011 & 2012. I believe there’s some kind of connection there, I think that either new buyers don’t really understand eBay’s feedback and the problems it can cause a seller, or there old sellers who were screwed by the system so are striking back. Older eBay accounts were much more likely to not leave any feedback at all.