eBay buyer returns a different item to what they bought.

More normal eBay user behaviour, buy a item and send back some other crap.


Long story short I sell motherboards and various computer parts, In my pictures you can clearly see the factory applied serial number labels and basically they returned a different motherboard than what I sent them. I uploaded pics of the different serials but eBay just closed the case in the buyers favor, no big surprise, but what is the best way I go about fighting this?

Source : redd.it/6dz1qe

Woman becomes wannabe drop shipper for scammer… buyers get scammed…

A woman was contacted by someone she did not know on Facebook to sell Apple Mac computers on eBay… what could wrong? Anyhow she is left with a £3,000 bill to pay back to the wronged buyers, but there is a silver lining in all this eBay said she does not have to pay the £170 fees so that’s good I guess.


Link : www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3286219/Christmas-ruined-Mother-four-devastated-left-3-300-debt-falling-Facebook-scammer-convinced-sell-iMacs-eBay.html

eBay buyer demands refund with a gun, old but still… (2005)

Stumbled across this old post from 2005 about a buyer who purchased some glasses on eBay was not happy so went round the sellers house with a gun (although it was in the car). The story’s quite old 2005 and I can’t find anymore on it, but the comments from other eBay users even in 2005 (there are some comments going up to 2013) don’t look too good, seems not alot changed then it just got worse.

Not as described, hand too big.

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