Buyers can still leave negative feedback even when a seller has won a case?

Found this post from 2012 about a seller who has won a dispute that a buyer opened against him for a item that he did not receive because it ended up in some kind of mail depot, anyhow the seller wins the case as they was able to show the mail company screwed up and have the item… however the buyer can still leave the seller negative feedback even after getting a full refund and it being shown the sellers not at fault.

ebay feedback scam fraud
Feedback…just text really, but it can screw up your day.

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Evidence of PayPal chargeback admin fees

Finally found one in the wild, its not if you get it, its when. PayPal seem to be charging some kind of admin/investigation fee on people who get charge backs (credit/debit card reversals via the bank/card issuer), so much for the “seller protection” PayPal in this case are claiming they have been charged a fee from the card issuer, now we don’t know how much that is and you can be sure PayPal won’t say but you can bet there profiting off it.

ebay payapal chargeback credit card fee snad
PayPal chargeback admin fee?

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Seller actually wins a chargeback dispute (eBay/PayPal user horror story)

Short story about a seller who sells his item, only to have a chargeback done against him by the buyer outside of PayPal/eBay (Visa code 53?) for item not as described, which according to PayPal is not covered under their seller protection. The buyer was able to get the funds reversed apparently on the basis that the seller refused to send a replacement item before they returned the “defective?” item. However in the end the seller actually managed to win the dispute and got his money back from PayPal shows it can be done.



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