eBay user horror story

Got this sent in today via the contact form :

I paid the seller for a 2005 Yamaha Raptor 350 and ebay service is supposed to ship the machine to me in 2-3 days.  I still haven\’t received my machine and ebay had made it impossible to contact them.  I\’m sending a letter to both the FBI and Virginia AG a complaint for criminal charges against ebay and others.  Now, where is the hell is my machine and why it has not been delivered.  The order # ***********.

Could do with some of a follow up on that if possible.

Collection of comments from eBay users. There thoughts on eBay/PayPal

Here is another random collection of comments gathered up from a UK Daily Mail article on the wonder that is eBay and how it is making people millions from there spare rooms… I really did genuinely struggle to find anyone actually praising eBay in the comments at all, it was like there was no positive comments, I went thru pages looking the ranking system was no help all the highest ranked comments were anti-eBay, so what does that tell you?

Link to the story : www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3170820/How-rake-17million-year-without-leaving-spare-room-eBay-rich-list-ranks-30-Brits-ve-fortunes-site.html#reader-comments



All the hard work you do you basically working for Ebay hardly making profit & still pay Ebay Fees.

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Stupid eBay or stupid users?

Stumbled upon a blog post by someone upset with eBay so we are going to mirror it and link it, its quite interesting in that its calling you stupid if you still sell on eBay, depends on how you look at that. It covers some of the more hidden parts of the eBay user agreement and how they have basically been twisted to benefit eBay and screw you at whatever cost. From what I can make out the post is from September 2013, I assume these parts are still in the agreement or reworded because these things still go on and are still complained about today.


Link : http://readthisshit.com/stupid-eba/#.VQSL3tKsXw0

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Not as described.. it is if you can read! (eBay user horror story)

Same old, same old, the never ending story this one. eBay buyer, buys a item claims it is “not as described” opens a dispute, the seller loses. Why you ask? because the seller clearly put in his listing what the item was for and the buyer bought it for a incompatible (in this case a phone add on). eBay says thats ok though and sides with the buyer. From the amount of these stories you would think no one on eBay could actually read.

ebay not as described phone scam
Go read first it might help.

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Crazy seller threatens to go to buyers house over headphones… (eBay user horror story 05/14)

Heres a story about a seller, and 1 of the few that screwed eBay up by going that bit too far. In this case we have a buyer who purchased something, never got it, started a case up, the seller then sends the item (they did AFTER the case), eBay sides with the buyer in the case and refunds the buyer, the seller then threatens to go to the buyers house and get his money. The seller did actually send the item as the buyer noticed the date on the postmarked stamp was after the case was closed. 3 weeks to ship the item. Total mess this.

ebay seller threatens to come to buyers house
Close enough, the message is correct though.

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Web designer screwed by PayPal “Friendly Fraud” AKA Chargeback

Digital goods and PayPal just don’t go, we know that, but what about services? seems there not protected either if this is anything to go by. Here we have a story of a web designer who did everything right and everything went wrong, even when PayPal was presented with the huge string of back and forth emails between the 2 parties which made note the client was happy and then the email which was basically saying i’m going to scam you ha! PayPal even tried to weasel there way out over definitions of wording, you try that with them and see how they react very 1 sided. In the end PayPal decided to not chase the designer for the money but he still loses the money.


paypal alternative chargeback scam fraud
None relevant image but still full of hatred.

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eBay new user agreement and terms (Sep 2013) refunds without items

This was bought to me attention yesterday and even for eBay this is a new low surely, the latest terms and conditions for September 2013, the main problem is highlighted :

“As a seller – where you choose not to engage with the eBay Buyer Protection process on an item not as described case we may seek to carry out a reimbursement from you without requiring a return by the buyer.”

 So what do we gather from this? win or lose the dispute eBay are going to be making YOU pay regardless without the buyer sending the item back, is this legal I would think not, I also heard of PayPal charging fees on sellers who got charge backs from stroppy buyers I guess that makes there seller protection and charge back insurance worth about as much as the pixels its made off…

Buyer claims to have had a empty box delivered? (eBay horror story)

Really? this is the best they could think of? I thought the days of the empty box back and forth scam were well and truly over with the scammer’s moving onto much more elaborate scams thanks to eBay’s every evolving scam loving rules. Don’t know how you could work your way out of this one, however this seller has photos of whats in the box (apparently).

ebay empty box dispute scam not as described
eBay buyers and staff live like this.

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A video story of how a seller fought back against a charge back and won!

A video detailing one sellers story dealing with a slightly nut job buyer who filed a chargeback and had the payment reversed by PayPal under “unauthorized charge” when the buyer signed for the item and a few other weird twists in the story, dispute after dispute for what ever reason all relating to this one item in a back and forth battle. The thing is this buyer was doing this regular to various sellers for varying amounts. Eventually the seller won (got a lotto ticket?)

PS: She reveals a interesting fact right at the end, with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) that PayPal have a “A++” rating, yet they have 6,600 or so complaints against them… the reason you may ask? apparently one of the head people from PayPal or eBay is on the BBB’s board of directors… think about that…


eBay scammers a short article

Short article from MSN UK Money that lists a few of the higher profile scams that sellers have pulled off on eBay in the last few years, they list a second chance offer scam, a fake ticket scam, empty box scams and even 1 incident where someone made a completely fake eBay site I guess in a effort to grab ID’s.

ebay scams list
The eBay scams? eBay scams? scams? theirs a pattern?

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Another fine example of how eBay allow buyers to cost sellers.

Had these very interesting screenshots sent in, there the feedback pages from a seller who at the time had over 3000 items listed, you will notice a reoccurring theme, mainly items not turning up, yet the buyer signed for them? my favorite is 1 incident where a buyer has opened a case against the seller, lost and then left negative feedback about it, how can eBay allow that? the buyers claim was found to be BS so how come the sellers still suffering for it???

Because there eBay users that’s just what they do.

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2 short eBay horror stories

2 small experiences of eBay from 2 sellers. One of them lost his store, again to the DSR problems relating to dispatch time (we all know how that really works) and the other about a buyer who refused to send back a “apparent” broken item.

ebay buyer scam low dsr feedback abuse
Rob the sign why not, like everything else.

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A users comment on the current state of eBay

I found this comment quite fitting, its a user from a Reddit thread, he describes the current state of eBay quite accurately  :


The majority of people selling on eBay now seem to be dealing in wholesale of cheap merchandise being shipped out of China and Taiwan. The buyers are mostly just gambling addicts at this point, who rarely pay up but just like the thrill of “winning” an auction.
You can’t even give buyers negative feedback anymore, so the shitty ones have overrun the place.

Thinking of Selling on eBay With PayPal? Think Again! (Seller scammed again)

Quite recent 03/12/12. Story of a seller trying to sell off his old iPhone getting let down badly by PayPals seller protection program, with some really bad shortfalls in the policy being exposed such as “PayPal stating that I am in fact NOT ELIGIBLE for Seller Protection for this transaction because ”not as described” chargeback apparently is not covered by Seller Protection.” few other bits ripped out of PayPals terms are covered any how long story short the buyer was able to rip 3 sellers off for 3 phones because PayPal allowed it.


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Great eBay Scam, buyer gets whats coming to her (AKA “The GlimDrop”)

This exchange between a buyer and seller highlights the none paying bidder riot that is eBay and what happens when the seller fights back, I remember reading about this one when it first went down about 2yrs ago on Reddit. The buyer left the seller high and dry after winning some sports tickets so the seller pretends to be a 3rd person wanting to buy the tickets from the 1st buyer, appeals to the 1st buyers greed (makes stupid offer) then goes and sells them to 1st buyer and then the 3rd buyer just vanish’s, leaving buyer 1 with some useless paper.

The scams called GlimDropping see Wiki link 🙂

Really needs a health warning or something

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