eBay VERO story “From Vero to Zero in 24hrs”

Another tale from the VERO department hell that is eBay. In this case its a US company trying to claim there copyrights stand in the UK, when the UK patent office people are saying its a generic item. Anyhow the end result due to the incompetent fools that run eBay is one mans business gone just like that in 24hrs and yet he did nothing wrong.

ebay vero watching copyright trademarks takedown
eBay has eyes, shame there never open!

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A tale of VERO, rivalry, false trademark claims and eBay

A post from 2013 detailing how one eBay user was pushed out of business due to a rivals false trademark claims and abuse of eBay’s VERO program. It basically points out eBay don’t even bother to check if the so called rights owner is the rights owner and leaves you with no way to appeal basically washing there hands of there matter and telling you to sort the issue out with the person/company making the claims, can see that ending well…

ebay, vero, trademark, claim, copyright, item take down
eBay law supersedes earth law!

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Story from a eBay ‘Top Rated Seller’

Little bit of a story from a eBay TSR (Top Rated Seller) that shows just how fast eBay can knock you right off and back into nothing at any time, in this case in less than 3 weeks. It also shows eBay’s varying interpretations of there own rules at different times of the day…

ebay top rated seller problems sales down vero issue
You don’t earn it, unless we want you to.

eBay has A lot of there policy violations and shut downs done by automatic bots with no human involvement .
For this reason I would suggest follow the rules and never go buy what a customer service rep tells you because they won’t be there when you get shut down permanently .

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Counterfeit Magic The Gathering cards (eBay user horror story)

A case for the VERO hawks here that seems to not be enforced, must be making eBay too much money. A seller is selling counterfeit gaming cards, seems people will rip anything off for a quick few quid. The thread is quite interesting they find the sellers background and the fact he sells large volumes of printer supplies, bought a high power microscope and large amounts of special card, his not selling the cards at the moment though who knows why.

magic the gathering counterfeits fakes
More magic than eBay

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Good sellers, bad buyers – (book)

Stumbled across this and had to post it because I cannot believe there is actually a help book on the subject of how to deal with bad buyers. Has the problem really got that bad? has it really come to this? I think eBay need to listen and listen hard as it has got this bad. I’m sure the book is fine and all (the reviews are all good 4/5 out of 5), I’m just blown away that we actually need it! I bet if you look hard enough you can find this fine piece of work on a CD as a PDF possible even with digital delivery on your favorite auction site.. then you can dispute it and get it for free all for 99p!

ebay help guide scams sellers buyers dispute console resolution center
eBay you let it get this far…

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eBay and the Chinese fakes

Someone noticed that it seems Chinese sellers seem to get away with listing fake items in among the other piles of £1 tat they flood the market with. Why does it seem eBay let it slide from the Chinese but not the local markets US/EU/UK sites, why does it come down so hard on sellers who may have made a little mistake in anywhere but China? Could the reason by that the Chinese sellers with there 1000’s of items per day are propping up eBay? or that there basically powerless to stop them in China (other than banning accounts and how long do you think it takes them to create 10 new ones?)

Anyhow was just thinking.

ebay fakes china listings removed vero
ChiBay, faker than a PoundLand tan.

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eBay VERO takedowns copyright/trademark issues

The VERO take down the ultimate weapon in big companies who don’t want you selling there goods 2nd hand or not could only exist in the world of eBay. Basically a huge company might not want you selling there items so they contact eBay, eBay then remove the items (genuine or not it don’t matter to them) with no proof or consultation, they then wait to here from the so called rights holder if its ok for you to sell that product of course thats not going to happen you just get ignored. I myself have fought off Microsoft twice, eBay don’t care though… no where else could a company force you to not sell goods/items you legally paid for as 2nd hand or used.

Luckily a site called Tabbers Tempations lists cases and issues and contains alot of very useful advice worth a read if your in that situation.