1. I always has the reverse problem, a item would cost £12 to ship, and ebay wouldn’t allow more than £7.50 on the item. So its a final value fee on £4.50 which it cost me. Not much really, but is just another ebay scam to rip off the sellers and make ebay more money.

    1. I would love to know how eBay decides the limits on items, they don’t own the post and i’m pretty sure they don’t even check, I do recall having a limit of something like £3 on shipping a entire games console once, yet £20 limit for shipping a cassette tape on the same day so that makes no sense to anyone with a functioning brain something I think eBay need to go and find.

      I like the way eBay encourage you to put free post and then put the free post cost in the item cost so they can pick up a bit more final value fee AND then PayPal take there % so really the shipping cost is more for them and less for you.

  2. Yeah, the free post gives you 5% extra discount on final fees, however, most of the time you loose more as you are having to pay final values on the postage cost, I know I wrote the maths behind all this in another post. buts its just another ebay scam to rip off the sellers and sugar coat it with “5% discount” when it can cost you more than that in paying final value fees on “free post” items.

    It also just goes to show you really have to watch all these ebay changes, they come every few weeks, its impossible to keep up with it all in the first place, keeping up with changes and scams is a fulltime job in itself, never mind actually getting to sell stuff.

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