Typical eBay seller story, broken item returned scam.

Just browsing eBay’s own forums which seem to be filling up with these kinds of things which oddly vanish quite fast and managed to get a copy of this. A powerseller level seller getting screwed on a a return with a broken item, got a new item and a refund.




Story :

Sold a gold chain to a customer two days later had a message ( very badly spelt ) from this buyer claiming he was sending it back to exchange for a heavier version, ok so far, no problems. Friday morning got a second message saying he now wanted a refund as they had bought one in a local shop, again, no problem, the chain arrives two hours later in three different pieces. I immediately took a photo of the chain, his note inside and the packaging, I then sent it back to him explaining that he did not state the chain was in three parts and as it was now not in a condition to sell I was returning it to him.


Then spoke to CS and informed them of my actions, very sympathetic and was told that goods have to be returned in the same condition they were sent in, so I have done the right thing and if he opens a case to ring CS back, he duly opens a case and sends this


“I should have taken pictures before I sent it back but thought you was a genuine company and thought you wouldn’t brake it your self just so you wouldn’t have to pay the returns all over £20 if you need the money that bad you shouldn’t be selling things as I own my own bissnes and it doesn’t work like that so I’ve told eBay all about it”


So accusing me of damaging my own stock, I contact CS and they say not to worry we will review the case and get back to you. Half an hour ago WE HAVE CLOSED THE CASE IN THE BUYERS FAVOUR AND REFUNDED HIM FROM YOUR ACCOUNT, so he now has the chain and his money back.


I am informed by CS that they will appeal the decision and get back to me on Monday ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING


That is what ebay call protecting our accounts, sorry but every time I am e mailed now to sell off ebay I will, having refused it for over four years.

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