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Here are a few user comments from 04/02/14 which were posted on a thread about the eBay alternative eBid. The amount of likes and reposts these comments were getting lead me to believe all is not as it seems over at the eBay wonderland, these are comments from eBay sellers and buyers a sad state of affairs and some good points, some small scam story’s in there too. Out of the 13 pages I went through every post was a bad one, one after another, there might have been 2/3 eBay fan posts in the lot.

ebay sellers fees not happy scam rip off
Time is running out

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Since ebay starting taking 10 percent of postage fee’s ive done with it.


What gets me also is that eBay can cross reference things with paypal for “fraud investigation purposes”. They can hold your money as long as they basically like if a fraud trigger occurs (a trigger that they define – not a recognized one) I had an old unused ebay account username set in my PayPal account, when I went to change it – then triggered some nonsense back on my ebay account – which then triggered something back on the PayPal account…had to send scans of bank card, passport and proof of address just so I could even use my PayPal account which had MY MONEY in it…
Ahhh…I’ll be quiet….going over old things like this is never a good idea!!!
effing **** bags! Would like to castrate the CEO of eBay/PayPal…
You know what’s worse is that PayPal is a registered banking institution in the EU so it allegedly has to atone to certain standards, the crap I’ve just described isn’t something even the lowest of the low banks does.

Sleazy, slimey, filthy scummy money grabbing pigs.



Would love some good competition to eBay but they just don’t have the volume of buyers so the sale price you get will probably be lower and negate the saving in fees.


This seems a great deal, it may force EBay to cut their fees. Will have to study the site more but heat from me.


good deal Ebay have just gone too far and just got too greedy if everyone stopped using them they would have to drop their fees shame ebid does not have enough users to take on ebay


eBay needs more competition, since they started charging a percentage for postage which seems unfair, as it costs sellers to take the time and packaging costs to send their items. Especially for the individual private sellers. Sadly eBid do not have the mass traffic like eBay to help sellers sell their goods.


Ebay needs competition, I urge people to hold on selling until they re-think fess.


I can’t live without ebay as a seller, and there’s currently no viable alternative and the ebay/paypal cartel barstewards know this and continue to turn the screw BUT I’ll heat this in the hope this cranks up the volume and pressure and support an alternative – who knows in time – and I’ll be the first to jump ship


eBay isn’t about selling off your old stuff you no longer want.
It’s about big business and if eBay could, they wouldn’t even bother having private sellers at all.


It’s all about risk management, and mass appeal, something they can only get by getting rid of risk (by ripping you off for 10% to cover the risk) so that they can offer the money back rubbish.

eBay are **** disgusting and if you ever have a problem, like a mistaken linked account and marked for not paying fees etc…good luck you’ll need it…along with about £50 in calls to their local call number…

…We’ve all been there 🙁


Ebay suck

Started from near its launch

They treat sellers like s.. m

I came close to suing ebay for being a second party to a theft of a 1200 computer

I had a 2000 100% account and a buyer with 50 rating bought my computer. They said it hadnt arrived but despite me having evidence to prove it had been delivered they refunded the crook. They closed my account. Despite this the crook got 5 negs from 5 sales in under a week. They still wouldnt refund me. What a joke.

Lucky for ebay royal mail refunded me after i went their chairwoman. Ebay s.. m kept the fees too. After over 10 years usuing ebay i boycotted then fir 2 years till thdy apologised and begged me to come back

Still hate them


Ebay make the art of sekling online far too complex.


Amazon are simpldr but unfortunately theyve upped their prices too. Eg a 14.99 item with 4.59 postage cost almost 5.00 to sell on amazon

Ebay also arebt cheap as their fees are crazy. One tip though become a business seller and be shocked at the difference in fees which is staggering.

Eg an xbox one day one edition ar launch selling at 600 would cost a personal seller 60.30 and a business seller 10.30

There’s a big market gap for a good, honest business to compete with eBay. So far, nobody’s had the capita

l to be able to make a product to realistically compete, but hopefully this will take off. eBay,


Do the right thing and boycott they’ve gone way too far.


Have been on eBay for ages and they’ve been getting worse and worse for sellers. Absolutely sht now with no protection at all.


Anything thats popular and easy to shift, I’ll just use Gumtree. You know exactly how much you’ll get and don’t have to worry about idiot buyers and crappy things like feedback. I only use eBay as a last resort now which is not very often.

Use Gumtree everyone!!!!


I run a business on ebay and all honesty hate the place! Rip off merchants that run it more like nazi germany but sadly this “ebid” or any other competition is rubbish and a waste of time. Hopefully one day that will change and I will be the first to join up but until that time….

I would do anything but fleabay….


There was talk of eBay buying out Gumtree, specifically to kill off ‘competition’. Ever since they obtained the site, it became full of spam ads from advertising contractors. It’s still alive and OK but you won’t find that many serious buyers for items worth £400+


Let’s try and make this viral. Everyone I know is fed up with eBay; the time has come for a revolution!


eBay are the worst company I have ever know, their fees are nothing but extortionate.
They even banned me from selling for life because out of 590 successful sales over 10 years, I failed to answer 3 customers questions, even though it was an oversight and not deliberate.
I appealed and was told I can not sell on eBay for the rest of my life. Incredible!!
However they did say,”Please continue to by on eBay”. Forget it, I would not give them the satisfaction of the taking their huge cut of the sales.



Do what I do, sell loads and them dont pay your seller fees, open a new account and keep on selling, Hit the B*****ds where it hurts. Ebay are robbing evreyone, fees push sellers prices up!!!!! this makes ebay more in fees and buyers have to pay more!!!! Robbing Bas***ds


EBay and PayPal need to be split up. It should never have been allowed to go through in the first place


I wish more people used ebid instead of eBay due to their ridiculous fees!


I’ve used eBay mainly to buy stuff, but when it comes to selling, I realised how gready they are. What on earth do they do to get 14% from the seller. Total rip off. Really happy to see any kind of alternative. Will definitely check out this site for buying. Have some heat. At least its worth to spread the word. Maybe it’s a start.


Same thing happened my mate, he sold a brand new iPhone to a buyer who claimed he never received it. The money was taken our of his account for a refund even though the package had been signed for. Royal Mail refused a refund due to the signature and eBay didn’t want to know. He threatened the small claims court to which they replied with a very rude email. It wasn’t till he went to the local paper that eBay decided to give him the money back.
The buyer even wrote cheers for the free phone on his feedback, yet eBay didn’t believe that he received the phone. Crazy.


there is no discounts on ebay currently for being top rated
i sell £2k worth of stuff montlhy with 100% feedback and 4-5 dsr
I receive no discount at all comparing to 15-20% in previous years


Wow, loving the Ebay stick, I once sold an Iphone, 5 weeks or so later the ‘The buyer’ decided it was broke and demanded a refund, I spoke to Ebay who basically said I was lying ( I have over 1000+ positive feedback ) the phone was returned to me with a broken screen and wouldn’t even turn on, buyer was refunded fully, its all about the buyer these days, little or no protection for the seller, hope your enjoying not getting my money anymore you scumbags.



Ebay/paypal can suddenly decide to “link you”, as in, suspect you are another person/account and ban/hold all accounts. Even if its totally unrelated. Even if both parties are not owing fees. Same company building, house, wifi hotspot, same family name, same colour car…



Ebay’s ‘service’ is a complete joke. I’ve vowed to never give them a penny of my money ever again after they screwed me over, but I have missed buying and selling to an extent.


Hopefully these guys are a viable alternative.



i hate to be a seller in ebay as vat/fees/paypal charges kill you !!
i did once sell an item without tracking and its lost !! so always sent the item with tracking if its costly
only use ebay for buying small items



eBay taking 10% in fees on postage is a joke. They encourage buyers to negatively mark people who overcharge for postage and packing then force the buyer to add 10% to cover ebay fees and 5% for Paypal. That is ignoring the fact that buyers already don’t expect to pay a penny for any packing.



Why should I have to lie!? eBay do need to sort themselves out, but they wont, as they have a monopoly in the industry…



It was a sad day when yahoo auctions closed, that was a really good site, used it all the time, and it was free.
Hate ebay now with thier expensive charges


I never realised how badly people wanted an eBay alternative.


Ebay are filthy and horrible scum, holding a monopoly over everything and everyone in their marketplace. They do not favour the honest hard working seller.



Sadly unavoidable for many businesses out there.



But we are encouraged to list 99p start and now really need to offer the “correct postal” services eg. at £3.70 for 2nd class small packet signed for (otherwise no seller protection) – so making a loss is a real possibility. And Ebay are making more fees on postage than on low value items. That jars with me.
I have been donating more to Oxfam recently, so every cloud has a silver lining…



I agree, when ebay first came out it was a fantastic place to list and sell your stuff, gradually over the years tho, it started increasing the costs year after year not only that, it removed negative for sellers,it just got worse and worse with their decision making, it got greedy,and while most still use it, as theres no other real alternative, there will come a time when people will say enough is enough and start hitting their profits, maybe then they will rethink (highly doubt it)



eBay are complete scoundrels but I don’t think this site is the answer, I certainly wouldn’t invest £50 into it!


I’m praying for a decent alternative to hit the market eBay’s great for buying but unbelievably ridiculous for sellers.


I do have a shop on eBay and yes we sell a number of things on it, but since 2003 we have been getting the shaft big time, profit levels have dropped! considering it eBay owns all the verticals it could be slight more considerate to its paying customer base!!


ebay had had its day… I get cheated so many times using that piece of junk.




Between 2002 and 2008 I made over £20,000 on ebay just selling my old stuff, phones etc. Back then I wouldn’t think twice about listing an expensive phone for example but now I wouldn’t dream of it. For a private seller it can be quite a dangerous place these days, never sell anything on ebay you cannot afford to lose.



You have to have your wits about you when you sell on ebay, even if it’s something cheap you’ll still find that awkward buyer that expects to world or the scammer who knows how to work the system for a no fault refund. For me it tailed off in 2009 and since then I’ve hardly listed anything as it’s not worth it. You have the hassle of awkward buyers who know they have you the seller over a barrel and then you have the 10% FVF and whatever PayPal takes it’s just not worth it. Even buying is difficult these days with the amount of changes they make to the search system and in the categories I search in they’re usually flooded with goods from US sellers.

For now ebay is king unfortunately.

Even though Gumtree is ebay owned I’ve used it lots in the past couple of years without issue and saved myself well over £200+ of ebay fees.

Have used Ebay from the start – before most of you had contemplated packing away your typewriters :p

Back in the early days Yahoo Auctions was the best auction site but they decided to pack it in and then Ebay went forward unchallenged to become an internet colossal. Gradually they have tweaked their revenue model to squeeze as much as possible out of all users and then launched an aggressive advertising campaign to recruit new members (the typewriter crew i mentioned earlier).

I have had three different accounts for several small businesses (1000+ feedback) closed over the years for one violation or another but the truth is we all rely on Ebay and we all know that there is nowhere better to go for anything we need… No-one can compete with them – they are ingrained in our psyche…. first mover advantage etc!

P.S: Look what happened to QXL to see where ebid are headed! ( ). I’d suggest you spend the £50 on a year pass to Twycross Zoo …. the monkeys need you!


eBay know there’s no real alternative so they’ve squeezed and squeezed every single penny, I hope they carry on so many more are forced to jump ship and strengthen/create viable alternatives.



The same can be said for paypal too which are basically the same company but they still feel the need to hit you with more silly fees and they’ve made it so there’s no other option.



They have the worst customer service I’ve ever had to deal with. I have £1200 in my account that I’ve been told I need to wait 6 months before I have a chance of getting it back. They limited my account because I have a second account.. I don’t, I’ve used the same account for nearly 10 years, it’s linked to my ebay account which hasn’t had a single negative feedback over that time!


The best part is that any “help” on their website directs you to a robot email address that just automatically responds, the auto-response has a phone number you can ring. I ring up only for them to tell me that I need to email them but when I ask for a direct email address they said there’s nothing they can do and the other time I was given a fake address! It’s so frustrating. I can’t wait to see the back of them, I’ll blindly back any alternative as they simply can’t be nearly as bad.



I refuse to sell anything on eBay anymore, though have listed bespoke high end items (one I sold eventually for >£6,000) then sold offline.



I really HATE Ebay with a passion. I had a case of serious internet trolling a while back. All of my auctions (value of £2,500) were targeted by this Ebayer who had zero feedback and had just signed up for Ebay. He was targeting me and my family in other horrible ways too outside of Ebay (the perils of being a ‘business’ Ebayer where your personal details are listed).
The Police told me to speak to Ebay directly in order to log the details such as IP address etc for that malicious Ebay account. What did Ebay customer service do — ignored the Police request that I had relayed, and instead deleted all of the affected auctions. I literally couldn’t believe it. I was talking to the CS agent on live chat, whilst also refreshing my sales page to see if any of the second highest bidders were considering buying the item. They all just disappeared. The CS agent would not apologise, and would not get a manager. I was just blown away by the idiocy.
Yep, I hate Ebay. Here’s to QBid!


Ebay is a really crap place for seller. Buyer claimed that item is not as described and I did not to agreed to give him a refund so he escalated case to ebay. EBay issued a refund and charged me for that full price anyway.
Expensive and unfriendly place 🙁



Just to add to the rest of the comments here; I too used to sell a lot but it’s a terrible place to sell now, ignoring the increasing fees and postage rates (thanks royal mail) you have near zero protection as a seller. They will go about seller protection, and how you will be covered in the small print but when it comes down to it a buyer can receive something (or say its damaged) and claim it hasn’t turned up (even sign for it!) and they force a pay out.



Most of my stuff goes to charity shops or just given away these days. It helps that I’ve gone digital for most entertainment related things now so I have less and less clutter.


The big problem is ebay control the market. Until an alternative is able to deliver both the buyers AND the sellers simultaneously (an impossible task), it will not trouble ebay. They will continue with seller-damaging actions such as removing feedback, siding with scammers and ripping sellers off (20p + listing fee + 13.4% of all your transaction goes in their pocket for the average person selling a few items).
eBay have cornered the market in collectibles (of all kinds from vinyl to antiques), house clearances, 2nd hand electronics and is a vibrant market for sellers e.g. HK based 99p sellers. The barriers to compete are just too significant for anyone to take them on.


I hate that ebay have forced a paypal monopoly onto the site, but don’t forget that google checkout is now closed.


Gumtree is an awful alternative. I used it once as a seller and had a very poor experience. I wouldn’t use it to buy valuable goods because there’s little recourse if you pick up and pay in cash.
Gumtree is full of scams and scammers I will now only ever use it to arrange my monthly dogging sessions.

Buyers often DO pay more for items on ebay than they would if they bought them from amazon or other places. More fool them. It is not guaranteed to be the cheapest but people assume this because of the model.

If you were to promote your ebid store to your existing customers, you’d drive little traffic there. I often get little coupons with my orders saying 5% off or 10% off if you buy from our site. The problem is these are often one-off purchases and I’d never keep those slips handy if I ever did re-order.

They treat their old customers with contempt but they can do so because there are so many new customers to fill their space. Their marketplace has matured and any action from a few will go unnoticed because there are just so many new/naive users who won’t move in protest.

For those that say they don’t force a gun to your head and make you use their site – no, they don’t. But they do know they control their market and squeeze you because they know they lack competition. It’s not compulsory, but then again nor is petrol or rent. Can we not complain on anything that isn’t a daily dose of 1600cals of gruel?

As a buyer, ebay is a goldmine. There are so many great items available and if you play the game, you can get things at a great price. This makes it difficult to leave. As an occasional seller, it is convenient and the only outlet for me to sell/offload certain items. I’m stuck just like many others despite all its problems.


I have found a little loophole that gives me a lot of pleasure:
Often sellers (esp business sellers) will have their contact details (email and phone number) listed. Contact them direct (NOT through ebay). If their feedback is great and you are confident they are a genuine, decent seller, you can trust them with or without ebay protection. I often still use paypal as this gives a degree of protection. Ask them how much they can sell to you direct – or make them an offer. Some sellers pay a lot less than 10% FVF but those that don’t may be happy to share in the 10% saving or pass it on to you in its entirety. Screw ebay, Save 10%.
I’ve experimented with this as a seller. I listed an item (electronic good, value in the low hundreds) for about 25% more than its fair market value. However I accept best offers and have written in the auction for buyers to contact me with questions and to discuss their offers. I list a phone number and email address used solely for things like this. I’ve had a couple of bites – it’s not been hugely successful yet but I will persist with this tactic. I will take considerable pleasure in using ebay as a marketplace but denying them their 10% and maybe earning a little more :p

I enjoyed reading this book about the early days of the company (unrecognisable from today!!) – it was written in the early stages of Meg Whitman’s reign so doesn’t reflect the last ten years’ drive towards evilness. Available for £1.50 from Amazon (minimum £10 order)



  1. “Even though Gumtree is ebay owned” .. Never knew that! I suppose if the price is right anything and everything is up for sale!

    10% on postage is a all time low, I mean the seller pays the courier on the buyers behalf to post the item, what right do ebay have to add 10% onto it ?

    Glad I got out when I did, was the best move I made with ebay. As one comment said, charity shops are getting some of our old stuff now. If it was sold on ebay, it would end up costing you the price of the item, and the loss of the item. So might as well go the cheaper router and give stuff to charity shops, cut out all the middle men and scams.

  2. Yep eBay own quite a few big classified sites all over the world sadly they just buy them up and then they turn to crap with ads all over the place and in your face upgrade charges. I think eBay may still own a % of CraigsList they bought it years ago but there was dispute at one point that involved it.

    Yeah, why do eBay get a cut of the post cost that’s just not right at all and the fact you have to offer “free post” and put the cost in the final value means eBay get more % off the now inflated final value fee throw in PayPal’s cut and you onto a loser.

    I had 2 bags of clothes today took them to one of them recycling places £4.95 I got which when you work it is far better than I would have got with eBay and no moaning!

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