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  1. Amazing about the 11% thing. Typical ebay strategy of “do better or pay the price”.

    I had 2 open disputes on my account for about 4 years. Clicking on them brought up no disputes. I couldn’t close my account because of that. Another ebay strategy of ” you have open issues, but not really” type of thing.

    Just goes to prove again how many endless hoops you have to jump though with the whole system. Even if you do just that, you still get screwed over as ebays system is broken. What ebay say and do are never the same. I think they change so much stuff even their staff has no idea whats going on. Then like always, the seller gets the blame and end up with less cash and low feedback scores.

    Overall looks to me like ebay make sellers jump though a whole row of broken hoops, and if you jump or not, you get punished in one respect or another regardless.

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