Various user comments about eBay in general

Small collection of peoples view’s on eBay I gathered up from a long thread about eBay and its general setup and it seems people are not happen at all.

ebay user horror stories
Need more hazard signs to be fair.


User comments on eBay :


Yeah as a avid eBay/amazon seller of goods every single way you can save money is extremely important. I had no idea how little sellers make on items until I started to have to sell my stuff, generally we lost 30%+ to just fees to the company itself and than have to still pay for packaging and shipping which is even worse considering the items are already being sold on a loss.

My biggest problem is the lack of support for the seller. If any problem happens it is a one sided approach to help the buyer and screw the seller. I sold a movie to a person which was like new and they were able to make a complaint that I sent them a pirated copy. It was amazing to say the least when I tried to deal with it through eBay as they wanted nothing to do with me on the issue, I even had pictures of the movie I sent which proved it was a original one. The buyer was able to get his money back, keep my movie, and also give me false feedback. It sucks to happen because I was not selling my stuff for fun but instead out of necessity to pay my bills. Every single dollar was important to me and it really destroyed my ability to trust people.


Just chirping in to point out this guy is not a bitterly exaggerating. As an avid eBay seller, it unbelievable how one sided it is towards buyers. I think their rationale is “there will always be sellers, but we must build the trust of and satisfy the buyers so they keep coming”. If you are a buyer on eBay and want to be a cunt, you will always win and get the item returned or for free even. A buyer screwed me over once.. Tried talking to a couple of reps to resolve the issue.. All they would do is listen to my impeccable rationale to why what is happening is wrong, agree, and say “Yes Mr. Small Cloud I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue” in their foreign 3 dollar an hour accents. And then do absolutely nothing. There is no justice on eBay, just buyer asslicking.


It’s slightly understanding why they do it like that, because of all the amazing amount of buyer scams that were all the norm for years. The breakdown is really when they don’t balance it at all and instead hop from placating both sides but only one side at a time every few years. It really should be even for both the buyer and seller, but the customers tend to have all the power.


I stopped using eBay because of this. We can’t give feedback about buyers anymore? Total BS. I’ve always been a good seller and the only problems I’ve ever had were with stupid people who bought and didn’t pay, or paid for slow shipping then gave bad feedback when it took too long (I take it to the post office day of or day after, after that its out of my hands!), and scam artists claiming they didn’t get it or got the wrong thing and were LYING. I just gave up. With all the fees and the absence of seller protection (which they USED to care about), I’m better off having a yard sale. It’s a shame; it used to work so well for me, and now it’s just not an option. I have over ten years on eBay and all the feedback that goes with it, and it’s just not worth my time anymore.
TL;DR: eBay used to be awesome and now it’s mostly a bad deal for the sellers.


This. EBay changed from being like “an online swap meet” to a system where sellers essentially work for eBay on commission and have to source their own wares.


I’ve been selling on Ebay since 1997, the fees Ebay charges are outrageous, because they INCLUDE the mailing cost as part of the selling price.. A woman ordered a vintage dress from me, washed it, even though it should’ve been dry cleaned, and removed two panels of lace from the sleeves, then decided she didnt want it because the color was wrong. I had 5 pics of the dress in daylight listed on the auction. she wanted to return the dress and get her money back i fought hard with solid evidnence. paypal gave her money back, but also let me keep the money she paid me.. still pisses me off that I’m starting to sell more on CL, and without the headaches or fees.. I NEVER leave feedback first either..


That’s what it was. A guy gave me bad feedback for slow shipping after he selected book rate and I shipped it that day. He left abusive language and was a total dick. I had no recourse but to reply to his feedback, and IIRC, he then replied that I was an asshole. Then I could not reply anymore. Awesome!
I also thought that rates would go down after they bought PayPal, which was just my own naïveté. Of course they double charge. Of course.
It’s funny because the SELLERS are eBay’s ACTUAL customers. I miss the golden age.


This happens with games constantly. The person expects it sent through priority, but the cheapest box is $5.80 for priority. Now, if the item sells for $0.99, you are taking a $0.81 loss on it since the max you can charge for shipping for video game items (in a category, which means they will get more hits), is $4, which is insane, because if it is not in a category, and just generally in video games, you are not restricted to the $4 shipping.
tl;dr – if you sell video games, if it is getting shipped in anything other than a padded envelope, do not put it in a category and hope people search for it or else you are restricted to $4 shipping


EBAY SUCKS BALLS. When I sell something I more or less have to resign myself to just giving it away. 13% of the sale AND shipping is charged for fees. Don’t get me started.
Then there are people like you who I try to not rip off with added shipping fees complaining about what it came in. Sell something on eRipoff and you’ll see what I mean.

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