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Came across this one, not sure what to say on it. Someone was selling there in game items for real money cash (i’m sure this goes on all day long), all was going well until the next day when they got a email from PayPal account “unauthorized account activity” and the money reversed (charge back?) with PayPal chasing the seller (as usual). Now i’m not even sure if digital items are allowed to be sold and payments put thru PayPal I know eBay no longer allow it and there must be a physical item to go with it at least. This would seem to be a excellent scam to gather up free game items or even worse virtual currency’s which the scammer could then sell/use for whatever.


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Diablo Paypal Scam *Be-warned* *Story*

Well I’m In a bit for a cluster right now. I was selling/trading my Barb set last night on d2JSP, Worth about 12-15b. When all the sudden I got an in game PM. The PM was from a Well spoken individual who stated “I do not have 12b in game but I do have 350$ IRL I could trade you for it.” being stupid I said I would Accept A PAYPAL transaction of 350$. At the time I only had about 60$ in paypal and and was very happy to be getting 350$ for Video game items.
I get the Payment of £223.06 ($350) then trade him the gear and part ways.
I wake up this morning to check my email stating “An unauthorized account activity claim was recently filed against the following transaction.”.
I contacted Paypal and they are saying “Well we don’t know if this is a scam so we will investigate it.” I then try and contact the Buyer Anywhere I can, and turned up with nothing.
So now I’m a student who has no money,no job , AND I know owe 290$ to paypal..
Anyone else got a Diablo Scam Story?
EDIT: After doing some further research I discover this is a very common thing for sites like Ebay and just Regular Trading.

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