1. ebay is like trying to push a broken down old car up a hill with no engine to help.

    Sellers running into problems are just spyraling out of control. ebay will just keep increasing the work and problems. They are totally oblivious to all the problems. By the time they think “maybe we messed up somewhere” it will be 2 years down the line with 50% of the sellers now gone. They sure are letting all the long term sellers close shop.

    New people to ebay may have dumb luck and be ok with it all, but with so many problems escalating, I doubt any would stick around for long. They will of course advise everyone how much ebay sux and word of mouth will get around to avoid ebay.

    I work in the public sector, from time to time I talk to customers about ebay, nobody has had anything good to say about it. Considering I go to peoples homes and its like random people, and everyone has had a issue with ebay.. just goes to how how widespread the problems are now. I doubt ebay will recover from it all now. Its been to late for them to recover.

    I sure wouldn’t re-open my shop even if ebays top man personally assisted with it all. no way. Once you get screwed over for such a long time, you do not tend to want to repeat or risk the same problems again. Getting screwed over once a twice is just life, but when its 100’s of times a year, for a couple of years or more… time to leave and not go back.

    1. “it will be 2 years down the line with 50% of the sellers now gone”

      All the sellers who were selling the same type of things as me and who started around the same time as me, my competition basically are all gone and some of them got really big.

      I don’t think eBay want sellers they want stores big shops retail giants to use the site to become some kind of online mall kind of like Amazon is.

      “nobody has had anything good to say about it”

      I here the same things everyone’s got a eBay story or 2/3 and there all bad, they all seem to follow the same pattern too very odd that. Buyers who sign for things and never get them… card charge backs is another fave. I do recall someone telling me a buyer cancelled a cheque on them… that cheque was for something stupid like £2, I’m sure at that time there were costs for cancelling cheque’s but then again eBay buyers are not exactly the most rational lot.

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