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The day of the week were we take a quick look at what the website traffic monitor tool thingy has thrown up. Slightly more terms than usual, I think because the sites traffic is increasing no idea why is eBay getting worse surely not :p

Barbed wire still safer than eBay.


Wednesday 10/07/2013 at 8am :

  • ebay dsr ratings sucks
  • how to fight trademark violation
  • ebay traffic 2013
  • ebay buyer protection sucks
  • buy stealth ebay account
  • Amazon Local Daily Offer
  • mc999
  • ebay buyer base sucks
  • ebay suspended account using royal mail
  • ebay sales falling

ebay dsr ratings sucks” this is because there just a tool eBay uses to manipulate sellers and hold them in a constant state of fear. Quite sick really.

how to fight trademark violation” forget it, the VERO program’s only purpose to absolve eBay of any responsibility of anything, even if your in the right or win you won’t be able to relist the so called offending item because eBay requires the copyright holder to email them and guess what there not obliged to so your stuck in a constant state of limbo and you can bet the copyright holder wont respond to your emails either.

ebay traffic 2013” falling down if all the recent pointers are to be believed, eBay don’t seem to be doing anything about it, so it still must be pretty high.

ebay buyer protection sucks” no idea whats happened here, did a buyers scam backfire and there mad about it? the buyer protection seems to work all the time regardless of what the seller says or does.. must have been a glitch in the eBay system…

buy stealth ebay account” worryingly these kind of search gets more popular by the week, if people are having to manipulate the system in this way, the system can’t be working.

Amazon Local Daily Offer” prob best you go Amazon, these kind of daily deal sites tend to offer better value and more protection than eBay problem is waiting for something you want to appear.

mc999” eBay code for “whatever man…” basically they suspended your account for what ever reason they want, they might not even tell you, they might even tell you different reasons at different times of the day, your talking to a script monkey who don’t give care, eBay can afford to treat you like crap they know you will be back.

ebay buyer base sucks” the simply reason for this is eBay have allowed it to get like this, there’s only scammers & chancers left now mixed in with super impatient people who get stroppy over the ¬†quality of a ¬£1 item, eBay allowed all this to get way out of control due to there “polices”

ebay suspended account for using royal mail” I assume this is because as usual buyers gave you low DSR scores for “DISPATCH TIME” thinking its the same as “DELIVERY TIME” even though eBay rules say not to, they can’t enforce it, this is the 1 DSR which makes the lease sense and the seemingly the most problematic for sellers especially smaller ones.

ebay sales falling” every week this appears almost without fail. Its falling because eBay don’t require the likes of you any longer… are you a huge multi-national selling 1000s of items a day? well then they don’t want you. Try selling your stuff locally on 2nd hand groups, you will get way more anyhow and the people are nicer.

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