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The day of the week were we take a quick look at what the website traffic monitor tool thingy has thrown up. Not been allot of updates lately on site, lots to post yet. On the plus side the sites traffic again has increased, it keeps increasing, with a few spikes of traffic about 1K visits here and there when a story makes it to a social site. What does that tell you about eBay since we deal with the negative side mostly?

Barbed wire still safer than eBay.


Wednesday 17/07/2013 at 11am :

  • ebay buyer protection increase
  • inblogtitle:ebay counterfeit*
  • ebay success stories 2013
  • Rate paypal disputes power seller
  • crazy ebay buyers feedback
  • amazon payments pros and cons
  • why ebay sucks
  • sellers complaintsfeedback ebay
  • ebay+complaints
  • allegro pl на русском

ebay buyer protection increase” a increase in cases maybe? maybe this was triggered of the back of that auto-dispute-opening on a message system eBay started up, where you cant even ask a question without a dispute firing up, how much a bad idea is that, since I assume eBay count the amount of times a dispute is opened against a seller and then do something bad to them using the numbers game.

inblogtitle:ebay counterfeit*” every week this appears, can’t explain it lol

ebay success stories 2013” the days of the wonderful eBay turning a stay at home mom making candles into a global enterprise in less than 6 months are well and truly gone, I am sure theirs some story’s lurking on eBay’s sites somewhere.

Rate paypal disputes power seller” Don’t quite understand this, giving a review on a dispute? DSRs? seeing how many disputes a seller has had? its all a numbers game, I thought the Power Seller tag had been replaced by Top Rated Seller now anyhow?

crazy ebay buyers feedback” plenty of that about lol

amazon payments pros and cons” theirs a chart here somewhere listing all that.

why ebay sucks” we dont have enough time left in out lifes to possible list all the reasons but we have a fair amount on there :p

sellers complaints feedback ebay” a seller wants to complain to eBay about feedback they received? good luck with that, eBay claim the feedback system is a peer to peer rating system they won’t get involved in, no matter what, yet its quite obvious they modify it at will we do have some evidence of that on here .

ebay+complaints” you can mail them, you can phone them, you could throw a brick though there office window, but always assume they can’t read, can’t speak English and don’t really care as long as they keep getting there fees because you will get no where, vote with your money go somewhere else. eBay believes they don’t need you, they believe you need them more than they need you eventually it will come crashing down.

allegro pl на русском” Google translate says this is Serbian and gives “allegro pl in Russian” Allegro is a Polish auction site I think we covered it before in eBay alternatives.

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