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That day of the week again were we take a look at what the website traffic monitor tool thingy has thrown up. Only other site news is we made the contact form anonymous, which has thrown up the new problem of how do we contact the people back? Its become one way.

Barbed wire still safer than eBay.


Wednesday 24/07/2013 at 11pm :

  • ebay sucks july 2013
  • russia buyer protection is abused
  • ebay buyer protection horror story
  • ebay iphone neutral feedback
  • inblogtitle:ebay counterfeit*
  • bitcoin fraud on ebay
  • gt guard
  • winning paypal dispute buyer
  • mc999 ebay new user
  • why ebay sucks

“ebay sucks july 2013” eBay sucks every month, don’t worry about missing that :p

“russia buyer protection is abused” eBay recently launched some kind of extra buyer protection for the regions of Russia and Brazil which would point me to believe theirs either a load more unlucky people out there or a higher number of scammers?

We covered it here :


 “ebay buyer protection horror story” plenty of them on the web, they want to rename that to “ebay helping scammy hand program”

“ebay iphone neutral feedback” must be pointing to someones feedback, not sure how much weight a neutral carries now but I do know it went up, I think there worth 3/4 of a negative or something?

“bitcoin fraud on ebay” people sell coins on ebay, even virtual ones, sadly due to the whole “digital delivery” issue and the fact you can’t figure out where a bitcoin has gone I can see this to leading to some really interesting disputes, PayPal chargebacks and lots of losing out sellers. Probably the single worst place to sell a bitcoin is on eBay.

“gt guard” this is a proxy service we prob covered it before in staying hidden from eBay. Although it is known eBay do have a list of blocked VPNs, proxys, VCC services, pre paid card services and other gray area access routes, you need to set one up yourself if your that determined to get back on eBay I worry for your mental health.

“winning paypal dispute buyer” a buyer always wins well 99% of the time, and even if they don’t, they just get the bank to do a chargeback screwing the seller up good so…

“mc999 ebay new user” MC999 the eBay goto for anything and I mean ANYTHING, they prob want more ID or did you sell too much too fast?

“why ebay sucks” well ask Google :p

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