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Every few days I am going to take a snapshot of what is being searched from Google  in relation to eBay (the people who end up here). It reveals some interesting things about what is going on. Think about the fact they ended up here, a small blog, now think about how many other sites just like this there are and you can see the problem.

Barbed wire still safer than eBay.

Wednesday 19/06/2013 at 9:00am :

  • inblogtitle:ebay counterfeit*
  • ebay seller limits
  • ebay bad buyers list
  • ebay sales falling
  • ebay sucks

The bad buyers list has popped up a few times its usually followed by a country, normally UK. These strings don’t show me people don’t have confidence in eBay. They all seem to be more aimed at sellers struggling bad buyers lists, seller limits, that hell that is VERO and falling sales. Not sure what that counterfeit one is all about.


Thursday 20/06/2013 10:30am :

  • wordpress ebay alternative
  • paypal fishing email + base64
  • how to report a stealth ebay account
  • offer paypal credit card and security code for free
  • paypal email “Encoding: base64”
  • paypal alternative authipay reviews
  • ebay mc999 notice
  • no ebay
  • carding ebay via paypal

Interesting one in there “how to report a stealth eBay account” 99% of eBay buyers are :

(1) too lazy to find the report button (unless they want something free or there little scam back fired and there looking for revenge)

(2) have no idea what a stealth account is

(3) are a competitor trying to get one over on someone else selling the same item (it happens more than you think)

Not sure what all the PayPal mail ones are, I think there looking for tips on how to copy and paste…

There is a auction site making plugin for WordPress WP AUCTIONS there are loads of cart plugins for WordPress so thats a good sign.

carding ebay via paypal” dear, oh dear lol if you that stupid you have to look for a guide on credit card fraud maybe you should not be attempting it?

Way eBay bends over for buyers not like you need a bent card anyhow…


  1. Interesting stuff. Just goes to show, sellers looking for ways to protect themselves and buyers looking for ways to scam.

    I have noticed over the years forums posting blocked buyers list, though I think the problem is, there are so many of them, its just not possible. My blocked buyer list is pretty big considering I hardly sell anything.

    Maybe a good section to add here ? “named and shamed buyers”. I can probably list a lot of those and the cases they have opened up.

    1. Good thinking on the buyer list problem, I look ever now and again and find the odd site/forum thread/list but its never updated in a few years . What we need is some kind of list people can submit to and export the names in eBay format (if i remember you had to put a space and , between names?)

      Other issue is buyers having a load of accounts, but again its a start.

  2. The is a space and , between names yes.

    It could be possible to build up a database with names and addresses of bad buyers. Though its a good idea to help people out, we shouldn’t have to do this to start with.

    I think it may generate a lot of work (at least on your part) to keep a list like it updated. I suspect there is a buyer block limit on ebay , so pasting in the entire list generated by everyone posting ids may be to large to copy into ebays blocked list.

    The problem also, is buyers can change ID every 30 days, so there would have to be a block on the actual email address, and even the actual home address of such people.

    Though it would end up sellers checking each name and address against this “database” to see if the buyer is legit or not. It may work if a vast amount of people contribute to it, though more to the point, its again generating work for sellers to keep checking “the bad buyers list”. So not sure how it would work overall.

    I think those problems are why the online block lists fail and get abandoned a lot of the time. It just generates a lot of work for everyone.

    You could build up a database of ids, and have a online check tool, so sellers can check ids and post problem ids to the list (can even program it for you if needs be). Sellers could simply type in the id and check if anyone else has had problems with that buyer. In which case posting a ID and a reason why they caused problems would be useful.

    I think a simple list may work initially, though when its starts spanning several pages of ids, I just dont think ebay will accept them all ?

    Really this is what the “report a buyer” thing was all about, ebay collect the ID’s and the problems, but the list isn’t public, it just sinks into ebays customer support black void.

    Food for thought maybe, Though thinking about it, do we really want to help solve ebays problems ? The fat cats @ ebay get paid big bucks to ruin stuff, I don’t think spending a lot of time fixing their messed up system for free is fair either.

    1. Good points. One problem I can see is although you can block a users ID, you can’t see that users other details (home, phone, email) unless they buy something by which time its too late, they got around the block and if they have bought something and you turn around say there blocked can you imagine the nightmare that would start. Although having sellers be able to check details before a auction ends would be help because then theirs still time to cancel there bids and block them if they have no already.

      Good point on the limit I wonder what it is, I wonder does it even check there valid user names? Can we pump in a few 1000 random names and see what error if any does it spit back out?
      I wonder if you could build some kind of automated tool that searches the known users profiles and picks up on the new IDs and adds them in too? Can we get at other information like has that user left X amount of feedback per X days? has the user had X amount of cases against them opened? (theirs a option about that somewhere I recall lol)

      The workload your right would be huge, why should we be eBay’s slaves surely this is one of the things there getting paid for keeping there house in order?

      1. The following user(s) were not valid and therefore not added to your list.

        Error: Invalid User IDs
        davezzzzzzzzzzzz : Invalid User ID

        If I remember right there is a limit on the form they used to to post the data, its just a html limit for the text box, assume 65535 letters in total, i suppose someone about would know the limits anyway. Would suspect somewhere around 5,000 ids would be the limit.

        ebay should make the information public on its reports, they should just have a option to block buyers who opened a dispute in the past 30 days at the very least. In anycase..

        IMHO this site should just concentrate on the horrors of ebay and sellers or even buyers, should tell their story and help warn people away from using ebay. I think that is enough for now. I think warning people away from ebay is the way to go, they screwed us over enough times so let them get on with it.

        Any sellers can see all the problems here, its a shame to stop trading, though the more people who get off ebay the more chance other sites have to grow. I think that should be the target and leave ebay as a thing of the past. Work towards something more positive away from ebay, I think time will be better spent doing that, than trying to fix ebays broken system.

        ebay is dead, just people do not see it yet. At least in the UK it will soon be a thing of memory. I dont know about USA etc though, I guess the scams have not started up yet. When they do, ebay can well and truly kiss its rear end goodbye.

        There are a lot of alternatives, though eventually one site will take off, it will be a fluke chance like ebay started out. It will happen eventually. The more sellers fan out to other sites the better. Ebay sellers should just move on now before they hit the wall head on and forced to close shop.

        1. “its a shame to stop trading, though the more people who get off ebay the more chance other sites have to grow.”

          Sadly I noticed that whenever another site starts to grow eBay swoop in and buy it :/ then it kinda mutates and eBay use it for something before it dies.

          “IMHO this site should just concentrate on the horrors of ebay and sellers or even buyers, should tell their story and help warn people away from using ebay”

          I wish more people would send in there stories, we get loads of views and a few comments but I get the overall feeling people are a little afraid of the mighty eBay’s legal team or something. Might have to setup some kind of anonymous send in publish system.

          “ebay should make the information public on its reports,”

          They would scream about buyer privacy and suddenly the law would apply for them and them only, don’t worry about them selling your info to 3rd parties or anything I’m sure they would find a way of doing it.

          Still might look into making a little app for the bad buyers problem, if enough people used it maybe, just maybe eBay might listen but to be fair they never have so far….

          PS: Today’s top searches :

          ebay buyers suck

          Whats that tell you again… people are looking for that list.

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