When is a Top Rated seller not a Top Rated seller?

I was sent a little bit of info via the messaging system regarding eBay’s “Top Rated Seller” award program and its effects on listings. eBay promise “increased visibility” for your items in the best match category however theres a slight catch the listing must offer free postage it seems and also comply with some other listing stuff. Now why is this a problem you ask? well 2 things…

1) You worked hard for that badge it won’t show up on the all your listings.

2) If you add the postage cost into the end cost of item and mark it up as free postage eBays final value fee % payment increases.

eBay are basically taking a cut of the postage by forcing you to list this way, Which means more $ for eBay and less for you. Not really a good thing that is it.

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Proud to be… eBay bent over.


  1. As an Ebay Seller, I was downgraded for the # of listings because apparently I did not input / use a tracking service for my buyers’ goods in the U.S. After almost 3 months now, I had been told that my rating would be reinstated and I would be able to list mroe. I am absolutely furious to learn that my listing amount had been downgraded again because i did not use their e-service / ups for logistics to the USA. I have worked hard trying to build an ebay business but they don’t seem to have infromed or pointed out the important clauses before Ebay and i enter into a contractual agreement. it is pointless and making so little and with more “uninformed” policies are restricting me making my bread and butter. I think I might as well I a mission for the rest of my life to try to use different means legally to destroy this Ebay Inc. no matter what their value is on the NYSE. For one, paypal is a sister company of Ebay Inc. and i have reasons to believe that Paypal is the largest online payment gateway and its market share might have violated the Anti-Trust Law in the US. How that their requirement for Sellers (also in the US) to use their e-service for logistics, (any vested interest for ebay to be find out) and if this is true, would a class action suit against ebay for such practice if it can be proofed that the shipping rates are much higher than other choices, can this be a valid class action suit against Ebay for any vested compenstion not including any fine if proofing that they had violated the anti-trust law and fair business practice within the players in the online auction ecommerce. I have reason to be that Paypal had the most market share in the online payment gateway and to be frank, as a user, their exchange rates, fees are very high and consumers have no choice other than via paypal for most of the online transactions. I hope you can help and I would do any investigation in order to make any class action suit happening. Appreciate your advice.

  2. I worked it out a while back. IF you offered free postage you would get like 10% discount on fees. Though offering free postage ramps up you fees anyway, actually way more than the 10% discount they were offering.

    I think I posted the workings out about a year ago on here somewhere. Overall, it was still better value for the seller to charge for postage.

    Though IIRC, ebay had a opt in or out of that 10% discount thing. Then I think 6 months later, they basically forced everyone to give free postage else they couldn’t be a top rated seller or something crap like that.

    Overall, ebay were window dressing 10% discount, when really, the seller would end up probably paying 15% more on final value fees. So the seller basically lost 5% or more. Though ebay show it as “10% discount”.

    Just goes to show how long and hard ebay spend thinking up ways to screw over sellers more, while making it look like ebay are giving sellers discounts.

    I just gave up even reading the ebay news emails every couple of weeks. Really you can simply summarise ebays emails as “new ways to screw over sellers newsletter”, no point in even reading them anymore. Not since a few years back in fact.

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