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  1. Thats one thing which annoyed me too. Ebay re-sizes your images, so bottles can look taller than they are supposed to be. Then a buyer opens a dispute as the bottle does not match the one in the image. Even though dimensions or ml can be listed in the info, makes no matter.

    Also more annoying, ebay compresses images you upload, even if you host images yourself they still loose quality for some odd reason. If you need to show something in detail ebays image hosting is going to do more harm than good.

    I also think on mobile devices, images are too small, so buyers ignore the images, and the info as well really. I cant get ebay info on a lost of listings on my mobile, i just get “view this page on a pc”. I bet most buyers wont and buy the item anyway without reading a single line in the info. The images are no help, they may have graphics turned off on mobile devices. So its just a total recipe for disaster again.

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