1. Similar “issues” with low cost items.. again. Some people will send 20+ emails of abuse over a 99p item. They think its only 99p not worth the trouble so the seller will just refund to shut up the buyer. Though with a constant flow of such scammers, sellers just give up bothering.

    I have had a endless supply of disputes and idiots over low cost items, low costs just attracts “low cost people” they type of people you want to avoid in general. Those people are normally sat at home all day with nothing better to do than to complain and try and take down innocent sellers.

    Its probably a hobby for some buyers, see how long it takes to get a seller shut down. I swear some people get off on doing such things.

    Then the seller is stuck between a endless supply of assholes, who then end up triggering ebays low DSR crap, then ebay put pressure on the seller to do better or face a ban… Like asshole on the left, asshole on the right, whats the seller supposed to do ?!

    Ebay somehow think sellers have some magic wand to fix issues, basically with buyers who have some sort of mental disorder. How about some help ebay for a change ? People are using YOUR SYSTEM!

    I was registered with ebay many year ago, closed shop in 2013 due to impossible disputes. While lots of buyers have nothing better to do then complain complain complain, some people actually are trying to make a honest living and we can’t, because we are fighting BS disputes 24/7.

    1. Thats completely right, especially the first statement, but funny think about shopper- well, really eBay- is that the lower the cost the less esteem for it and the seller, and greater margin for danger. Both sellers and buyers are unravelling. since shitbay’s EArlier years I well reckon lovelss, poor attitude buyers but it never brings out the
      best in any one. I.m afraid to post on eBay anymore.

      1. My general research on the madness that is eBay has shown that the cheaper the item the more abuse you’re going to get exactly why this is I don’t know, that’s just the way it is on eBay. The things people will do over 99p… what they don’t consider is if it sold for 99p after all the fees and post your actually paying them and eBay!

      2. I dare not sell anything on ebay since a long time. Even if you jump though all the “right hoops” please everyone , the buyer cant make up anything and you get short down for it by ebay. No thanks.

        Its like a image posted on here a few weeks ago where a buyer brought a faulty item and then left negative feedback as it was faulty. obviously no help from ebay to remove the mark and the seller would have suffered low DSR ratings.

        To put it simply, “you can’t solve stupid”. Ebay and paypal side with stupid so that pretty much sums the whole system up. I can’t deal with companies who have such piss poor customer support like that.

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