Why are items that area 2nd hand more expensive on eBay than new?

I’m sure other people have ran into this strange problem and its not just me, I have noticed over time that most 2nd hand/used items on eBay tend to be selling for more than if I just went out and purchased them new (or Amazon or where ever). Why is this? surely that makes no sense, the idea of eBay is to save money but I guess with all the madness it creates this is just another symptom, I’m going to call it “eBay syndrome” where people think just because its on eBay its the best deal in the world. Many times in the past I have purchased items somewhere else then eBay even if they was £2/3/4/5 more just because you never quite know whats going to happen with eBay since they place themselves above any and all rules/regulations/laws.

What are your experiences with this?

eBay syndrome (capitalism+stupidity) ebay price guide search tool history
eBay syndrome (capitalism+stupidity)


  1. I have seen that many times. Problem comes down to ebay costs constantly increasing, plus the postal costs increasing. It can cost £8 to post a small item in some cases now. I was looking for a memory card, as normal i end up on ebay, only to find it was actually cheaper to go buy it from the shop, so I did. Problem with memory cards, like some other items, you never know if its genuine or not.

    I have brought cheap 16GB USB sticks only to find they are 256MB. They are only a couple of quid cheaper than the shops in some cases. Even so, even if it only costs a couple quid more from the shop, id rather buy it from there knowing its a genuine item.

    Everyone has indeed got it into their heads that ebay is the cheapest place for everything, but that logic started to fail a few years back. I hang out on various forums in the “for sale” or “wanted” sections. Can often find way better deals than on ebay. Though you do have to do a little “homework” to see if the person you are buying the stuff of isn’t scamming you. Though you get that on ebay anyway. At least on forums feedback and comments from people actually tend to mean something.

    Some of the prices on things people are expecting to get on ebay for stuff is madness. I have seen stuff (not selling) for over £150 for items I was paying £5 for a few years ago. Then you see sellers with auctions for £50 starting bid, and nobody buys.

    Sellers seem to be getting lazy in researching what stuff is actually worth. Last year I contacted people and made a offer for items which is actually a good price, and the seller just keeps on listing the item months after month without selling it. The only one making any money of course is ebay. It will end up costing the seller more in fees than he would have “lost” in selling the item cheaper.

    I have seen old CPU’s going for more than a new “mombo combo” would be worth. I mean a old CPU for £100+, for that you could get a new MB, RAM, quadcore for that, and yet people pay silly money for a old cpu. Its one thing to re-use old hardware, but seriously, at what “cost” ?

    The whole ebay setup is just “dumb” from start to end. There are good people on there, but people (buyers and sellers) should stop being lazy and go check your local stores before buying from ebay.

  2. eBay costs are not set up for sellers in a way that sellers can make money, I agree that they are an Amazon wannabe, they are failing at it also, and they are too also disregarding the type of seller who has been with them from the start.
    The only winners are the buyers on eBay, meaning that more buyers are able to play the system that ebay have put in place which is to be geared for the buyer only and not the seller.
    Charges have become extortionate and when I complained that I they were taking more money without pre-warning of a change in prices, I found that they believe they are not accountable for the way they do business.
    I decided therefore that I will not do business with them since I would never do business with anyone who wishes to work anonymously and without responsibility.

    This is goods site, keep it up!

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