WorldRemit (PayPal alternative)

Stumbled across another money transfer service, could be a option if you can’t use PayPal.‘s website seems to have a date of 2012 and they claim to service over 100 countries, and seem to have won a award called “Best Money transfer company for Europe 2012” which would be quite a feat considering how many 100’s of services there are all across the EU. They are registered with the FSA (see here) and actually give a full London business address so that’s a big plus.
Site :



    1. It really does depend on what country your in and what cards you have or can use. Always try and go for a local transfer service that way if you get some problems your covered and always try and use a credit card for the extra bit of cover it provides.

  1. I feel much more secure using Paypal online, rather than giving my banking info to companies online I don’t know as well. Paypal is very secure and they store your bank info. You can feel 100% secure with them. If I have any question or problem, they handle it very promptly.

    1. Have you used PayPal a lot then?
      It sounds like you have not, yes giving your banking info to different random companies might be bad, but they almost all use a 3rd party payment processor like WorldPay, 2CheckOut, NoChex or in the case of a service from there bank with there merchant accounts etc. which is far better than using PayPal.

      ” If I have any question or problem, they handle it very promptly.”

      See this is how we know you have never had a issue with PayPal, you wait until you have a problem and see how that statement holds up when you have to wait 21 days because they said so in the mean time have a load of generic premade auto responders sent to you because you cant find a actual human to talk to.

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