Yes/No/Maybe – The PayPal wording of legalese

Strange case this one, buyer buys a laptop it does not appear, tracking numbers (this is the interesting bit) say it does, buyer wins case anyhow… around a month later the case is reopened this time siding with the seller based on the tracking info. PayPal state they “may” take the money back regardless. Now the amount of times I have heard there is no way a case can be reopened and here one is reopened… shows nothing is quite as simple as it seems with PayPal also the choice of wording was a bit bad “may” you can never get a straight yes or no with them. Also it seems they only bothered to check the shipping info once (or did they?) as it did not work the 1st time hence the buyer winning, it would be all to easy to mistype a URL or a number.

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Long story short, I bought a laptop, didn’t receive it, dealt with the retailer directly, retailer made an insurance claim to the shipping company as I bought insurance for it. I initiated a dispute pre-emptively given the amount, seller had it escalated to a claim, I called up Paypal, tracking wasn’t working, they sided with me. I contacted the retailer to know why they’d done it to begin with, they said their claims department was taking care of it all and that I shouldn’t worry.

We’re a month after the fact and they appealed the case today and Paypal sided with them because the tracking information was functional. I haven’t received any news regarding the shipping claim. No funds were sent back, but Paypal gives me 3 days or else they “may” (yes, that’s the term they used in the email) force it out of my account.

I had pretty much given up on the hopes of getting the machine, had Best Buy pricematch it and bought it locally instead.

I live in a high foot traffic area and the delivery people always point to who the package’s for before they ask for a signature. I’ve suspected neighbors but no one’s said anything and it hasn’t happened again afterwards. This in spite of packages being left at my door sometimes, too. I thought it happened again for another high value item but it turned out that my mom took delivery of it and she had left with it. Her name had completely been butchered by the delivery guy, too.

Should I be worried about Paypal putting me in the red? I seriously hate the ‘may’ part.

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